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Five Year TiRN-iversary!

So, five years ago, Georgie and I sat down to write our very first TiRN thread about Lily inadvertently outing Al through her preferred medium (crayons). Since then, TiRN has been there to make us laugh (constant refrains of 'There is a theme, and it is bears'), make us cry ('Please enjoy this selfie of me bawling into my keyboard over Al and Sco's breakup with my compliments'), keep us writing ('It's 2am.' 'Quick thread!'), and--even when we get busy and updates get sparse--serve as an incredible constant in our lives.

We just want to thank every single one of you for reading or commenting or lurking. Without your totally unexpected, overwhelming enthusiasm and kindness, there is no way we'd still be here five years later. We would hug every one of you if we could.

And now I am done with my sincere emotional spiel (I am the Teddy of this operation, after all), and I declare the traditional, fifth annual Ask Our Characters Anything thread open! You may not have any questions left for these goofballs, but we didn't want to let the TiRN-iversary pass without one! Whether you stop by for the comment party or not, thank you, thank you, thank you.

There are plans in the works and updates on the way. Promise.

Love always,
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